Josh Creighton

Southern Alberta-based artist Josh Creighton, was born in Calgary AB in 1996, by the age of 17 he found himself immersed and inspired by the Graffiti/Street art scene. His work explores dimensions between composition and complementary color configurations. Bringing these compositions to life through a process of layering and masking techniques, matched with precision detailing and line work using Spray paint, Acrylic, Resin, and Paint markers. These complex, intricate configurations express kaleidoscopic patterns and overlapping intersections, this allows the viewer to see the painting as a larger whole, or look deeper into the smaller connections within. Through this process a Meditative state can be reached, and a Universal language communicated.

Sacred Geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions, by utilizing these shapes and proportions ancient symbolic meanings can be transfused into the psyche of the viewer. (Peace, Harmony, Balance)